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Pest Control

"Your Family's
Health & Safety
Is Our Main Concern"

Four Steps to Successful Pest Control

Step One - Identification and Evaluation of Pest Problems
Through inspection of the premises, a highly trained, professional technician will:
• Identify insects and insect damage
• Identify conditions conducive to insects
• Evaluate sanitation practices and structural problems, which may contribute to pest infestation.

Step Two - Initial Treatment
The concept is simple:  Household pests such as ants, roaches, spiders, scorpions, silverfish, millipedes, centipedes, etc., are NOT native to a home.  Earth Wise Organic Pest Control designs the Initial Treatment to eliminate the pests invading your home.

Step Three - Maintaining Control
Earth Wise Organic Pest Control continues to sample and monitor pest population levels.  Our primary attention now is on the outside of the home, where pests live and breed.  Our goal is to stop pests before they ever invade your living environment. 

Step Four - Constant Improvement
Earth Wise Organic Pest Control constantly evaluates and customizes its pest control methods and processes to be certain that you receive the very best service available.
* Part of improving our services is the continuing education of our technicians. Each technician attends symposiums held by leading universities, state and national pest control associations and nationally known manufacturers.


Areas of Your Home We Focus On:

The attic is a perfect harborage area for insects to live and breed.  It acts as a highway for pests - from here, they can gain entry to virtually any room in the house.
We treat this area with a clove oil based dust.
Plumbing areas, doors, windows, garage, laundry room, and storage areas.
These areas will be treated and monitored with insect detectors each time we complete our regular treatments.
This is our first line of defense. Outside plumbing, doors, windows, weep holes, under eves, and cracks and crevices.
1.  We treat all cracks and crevices with a residual dust.
2.  A liquid perimeter is placed around the house.
3.  All entrances are treated.
4.  Granular bait is placed on outside harborage areas.

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